The Sanctuary Cowboy Church Youth Ministry strives to equip, enable, and empower young disciples of all ages to walk worthy of the calling for which they have been called. ‚Äč

We are always striving to:
AWAKEN people to the loving hope of Jesus Christ.
BREAK DOWN WALLS that keep us separated from the full blessings of our Heavenly Father.
BUILD BRIDGES to unite and strengthen the ever-growing body of Christ to which we belong.
SHINE THE LIGHT that others may see our good works and be drawn to the glory of God in us.


          Young Adult Fellowship (18-25 yr olds, roughly) - Monday evenings 7:00-9:00

          Youth Ministry - Tuesday evenings 6:00-8:00

PLACE:  The Sanctuary Cowboy Church, 212 E Main Street, Middleton, ID

Meet our youth leaders


We started out as Youth Leaders of a handful of young adults shortly after joining up with the Sanctuary Cowboy Church in 2011. We have been very blessed to see God working in our lives and moving us from home meetings to church meetings, a handful of young adults, to a room full of youth ages 8-18. The home feel still exists as parents and grandparents continue to attend the youth meetings and we all share in a blessed family style meal. It's a true country atmosphere, even if we ain't all cowboys. You see, we may be small in size, but we're mighty in  God,  and walk in His abundant love for all youth - no matter their background or circumstances. It's our heart's desire that we, our youth, and their families continue to grow in the Lord as we share the hope of Christ with others in our communities and beyond, andthat all may come to know and accept the love of Christ Jesus.